Flow Solutions


Flow sensor boosting to upto 2.4km from Controller



Enables adding a watermeter directly to your smart controller for totalised flow.



Isoflow 302





Pulse Conversion Transmitter





Connect two or three water supplies to one controller





Accurate monitoring of low flow drip zones where competitor sensors cannot.

CST Flow Sensors sense down to 3.3 L/M.






3.3 L/M - 1817 L/M




Retrofitting of a flow sensor/mastervalve or Pumpstart where previously inpractical or too expensive. 

An extra station valve but no spare wires?




Pathway SO1





Two controllers monitoring through one water source.




Isoflow IO2




Isolate flow to upto 6 controllers





Isoflow IO6



Retrofitting of a WATER METER /mastervalve or Pumpstart where previously inpractical or too expensive.




Pathway HO2



Pumpshed flow moitoring, totalized and live flow rate.





DFM 6300/1



Add a second water supply/flow sensor but the oval, carpark, pavement in your way?




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